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Loving Her: Learning To Talk to the Girl in my Life

– Adolescence is a time of dangerous new territory…especially for girls. To blindly let the girls in our lives, loose without any instruction would be irresponsible. This workshop guides parent/guardians how to Ask, Hear, Discover the girl in their life.

Choices & Consequences

– This workshop guides parents/ guardians through talking to and teaching girls about the consequences of the choices they make. Parents will engage and learn how to talk to the girl in their life about topics such as Self-Awareness, Speaking Up, Saying No and Meaning it, Self-Image and Self-Love.

I am your Sister

– “Be Kind” – A Girlz Guide to STOP Bullying – This workshop is designed to assist with teaching girls how to recognize bullying, know what to do about it, especially if it is happening to you. The parent version of this course guides on how to help your girl when she is the subject of bullying. Whether in person or on social media…Bullying is real and we need to know how to empower our girls when they are the subject of bullying. Bullying by other girls has lead to suicide among teenage girls. This course guides parents on how to recognize the signs that your girl has a bully in her life.

Girlz with Pearlz

– A class designed to empower girls to know and RESPECT that they are pearls. Pearls are unique and all pearls are one of a kind. This workshop serves to open the communication links on subjects that young girls are facing every day. This workshop is taught in an environment where young girls can feel safe, relate to their peers as they speak freely and have fun while learning valuable life skills. Girls will leave this workshop confident and with a strong sense of self and will have found their worth. They will learn to make sound decisions to protect themselves through life. Parents are invited to attend the final portion of this workshop and present their girl with her pearls!

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