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Every workshop is unique!
Most workshops are tailored to the young girlz in the community.

Workshops We Offer Include but not limited to:


Teaching Girlz to “love” the girl in the Mirror. As adults we are often oblivious to the amount of insecurity, struggles and pain that the girls in our lives face…because many tweens and teen girls do not share this with their parents or guardians. Now is the time to build up your girl instead of trying to fix them later! This workshop teaches each girl to gain confidence, learn valuable life-skills and encourages self-love. DreamGirlz believes that every girl should embrace, believe and love how Phenomenal, Unique, Remarkable and Exquisite she truly is.

Caring For YOU

– A Girlz Guide to Personal Hygiene. This workshop will deliver an ideal introduction to personal hygiene. Girls will be educated on the basics of self-care including grooming and hygiene.

Money & Me

– A Girlz Guide to Financial Literacy for Tweens & Girlz. Guiding girls through the importance of money, credit, how to get it, manage it and how to keep it. This workshop prepares the girls for the “real” world of work and guides them to become participating citizens in the financial world. As well they are guided on how to live within their means and make wise financial decisions. The budget portion of the workshop serves to fill in some of the gaps about money, giving them hands on experience of financial decision making as well as discuss their own ideas of how money works.


– In an effort to defeat risks among young women who dream beyond the boundaries of their communities, DreamGirlz offers mentorship to young girls who seek it. Mentors serve to motivate, inspire and empower and guide girls to understand their value, uncover hidden or unknown talents and discover their passion in life. If you seek a mentor, please contact us at If you are a female leader in the community and wish to Mentor a young girl, please reach out to us as well.

Girlz with Pearlz

– A class designed to empower girls to know and RESPECT that they are pearls. Pearls are unique and all pearls are one of a kind. This workshop serves to open the communication links on subjects that young girls are facing every day. This workshop is taught in an environment where young girls can feel safe, relate to their peers as they speak freely and have fun while learning valuable life skills. Girls will leave this workshop confident and with a strong sense of self and will have found their worth. They will learn to make sound decisions to protect themselves through life.

I am your Sister

– “Be Kind” – A Girlz Guide to STOP Bullying – This workshop is designed to assist with teaching girls how to recognize bullying, know what to do about it, especially if it is happening to you.

Workshops for groups, schools, local organizations are available….for boys and girls! In the planning stages of these workshops, we listen and ask questions about your groups’ needs and priorities. Then, we provide a service tailored just for you and your audience.

We also offer workshops specifically for adult caregivers and families of girls. Adults can inquire about our Parent Power classes as they become available and open. You are likely to find that we offer options addressing topics of interest to you as you parent, teach, or guide others.

Please monitor our webpage and register for one of our upcoming workshops as they open for public registration. If there is a class that you would like to see offered to your DreamGirl, please drop us a note at

We are thrilled to provide more programs and opportunities for young girls during the 2021-22 year. As we plan for the upcoming year, we will continue to update our website with more information and member pricing. This covers materials and supplies throughout the year. Cost for any outings are a separate cost.

Membership to DreamGirlz is available. Pricing includes entry to all DreamGirlz Workshops and Programs. Each DreamGirl is eligible to receive a book scholarship when they are off to college.

Membership Pricing for the 2021-22 school year is $35 per girl.

Due to Covid-19, parents must complete a health screening form 24 hours before attending any DreamGirlz Event. If the form is not submitted, your child will be unable to attend the workshop for that day.

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